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Mark Docherty is an actor, producer, and director based in Houston, Texas. He’s a native of Dundee, Scotland, and traveled the world before making his way to the Lone Star State where he now produces, directs and contributes to film and television productions throughout the Gulf Coast region. 

He’s become an active member of the film community in Houston, where his films are screened regularly for local audiences. Among the films he’s produced reaching a wider audience through streaming services is the sci-fi thriller TURNING THE HANDS OF TIME, & Vodoo Doll currently available on Amazon Prime. 

His development as a film/TV actor includes training with one of the top acting teachers in Texas, Gary Chason. The two also have been occasional collaborators on films, including Docherty’s producing a script of Chason’s called VOODOO DOLL. 

Mark is devoted to comprehensively learning the craft of filmmaking and devotes time to various post-production aspects, including composing music, editing, and creating visual effects.

S' Rioghal Mo Dhream. (Royal is my Race)

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